“Go set a Watchman”, by Harper Lee – reading experience

I am writing this one in English since it is the language I am reading the book and most of the readers are doing so. Also, I would like to join the comments on the text – at least what I have read so far.

SO much has been said the past few days about “Go set a Watchman”. I have even seen it on GoodReads as “To Kill a Mockingbird 2”. I think it truly isn’t. If it is, GSW is a seed of TKM.

Maybe it is to be seen as the genesis. As to where the ideia of the characters and the setting came from and developed to become the classic many people love.

I don’t think it is worth to avoid reading it based on headlines, such as “Atticus is racist” and “Jem is dead”, and so on. I believe it is a true opportunity of seeing the book as it is… a manuscript which would not be published, which we could have never had the chance to lay eyes on, but it is here. With few edition so the reader can experiment writing this story with the author.

Many of the great writers, of the great classics are no longer with us… we can study their books, have ideias on their themes… here, she is still alive and have presented us what it was like to be Harper Lee before being Harper Lee.

When José Saramago died, soon after one of his first writings came hit the bookstores, “Claraboia” – “Skylight”. You don’t find the same writing style or the themes as refined as in “Blindness”, for example. But it is very clear that all that man came to be was already in there.

Reading “Go set a Watchman” has become to me, a lesson on writing style and character development. A lesson for me, as a writer.

Hope you have the chance to read it too… Liking the story or not.



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